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Orgel in our cellar in Schillingen

Schillingen - Cellar Organ


The organ currently has 9 stops in two divisions. The pedal keyboard is coupled to the main division.

The main division consists of a MIDI-pneumatic wind chest.

The positive division consists of a mechanical slider chest


Date From 2003
Nr of Keyboards 2
Key range C-f'''
Pedal C-d'
Action Main Division: MIDI-pneumatic

Positive: mechanical

Stop action mechanical/pneumatic
Stops 9
Principal 8
Height 210 cm
Width 455 cm
Depth 120 cm


Main Division Positive Pedal

Prinzipal 8'

Prinzipal 4'

Zimbel 2 fach

Zartgedeckt 8'

Rohrflöte 8'

Gamba 8'

Flöte 4'

Prinzipal 2'

Quinte 1 1/3'

Coupler to Main Division


[Schillingen] Main Division with the Prinzipal 4' (front) [Schillingen] Main Division with the Gedeckt 8', Prinzipal 8' and 4' [Schillingen] Bass pipes of the positive division (Gamba)
[Schillingen] Main Division [Schillingen] Ventola [Schillingen] Old Ventola, dated from 1928 [Schillingen] Wind chest of the positive (Flöte 4', Gamba 8' and Rohrflöte 8', back: Flöte 4' as prospect