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The following pages have nothing to do with tennis, but with pipe organs. The organ in the St. Alban's church in Schillingen is presented and of course the organs we have at home.

Just a statemanet at the beginning: You do not have to be rich to built an organ. It is cheaper than a piano - if... if you are willing to invest time and work force. Whereas the pipes and wind chests can be found as used parts in the internet or at organ builders, all other parts can be purchased in normal shops. You just have to be creative.

Whenever a new organ replaces an old one, there will be the oportunity to get some cheap spare parts, keep your eyes open!

The Positive Organ


This small positive organ is owned by my father since 2003. The pedal is attached via a mechanical coupler to the keyboard.

This organ was built by myself using parts of different instruments i got via the internet or from organ builders. The main division' wind chest and three of the ranks was bought in Greding, the second division and one of its ranks in Bieber (Hessen).

The "Kellerorgel"


Small movable Chamber Organ, Grevenbroich

[Chamber Organ]

This organ is designed to fit in my FIAT Punto. There is just one 8' stop with MIDI action.

This organ is also located in Grevenbroich. It consists of a slilder chest which had been part of a big church organ in Regensburg before. The second division of the organ is the chamber organ described obove plus another three stop pallet wind chest which can both be controlled via a MIDI keyboard.

Organ in Grevenbroich

[Hauptorgel, Grevenbroich]

Organ of St. Alban's Church in Schillingen


This instrument was constructed in 1959 in the St. Alban's Church in Schillingen replacing an old instrument from the early 19th century.

There are plans for a replacement.

Organ of the parish St. Clemens in Grevenbroich Kapellen.

It consists of pallet chests for all three divisions. It is a Romanus Seifert organ.

Organ in Grevenbroich

[St Clemens, Grevenbroich- Kapellen]


Some explanations and short descriptions.