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Our Courts and the Club Home

The picture shows our three courts and the club house after the completion of the training wall close to court number one, which is the thrid court. Apart from the obligatory changing rooms the club house also has a small kitchen, a comfortable common room and a bar where you can celebrate victories and forget losses.


For non- Germans: Ballwand: Training wall, Platz: Court, Sportplatz: soccer ground, Clubhaus: club house, Terrasse: terrace ...

Between the club house and the courts there is a terrace from where you have a great overview over all three courts.

Between the terrace and the third court there is a little patch of lawn which can be used for food stalls. Here you will also find a small playground for the children.

[Club Home]

Our club home can also be used during the cold saeson, for example in order to watch tennis (or occasionally football) mathces with friends. That is just more fun than sitting at home like the average couch potato.

[Night Session]

Our club house and courts can obnly be maintained with a lot of work. Since our fees are rather moderate we cannot afford th have that work done by professionals. So we have to do everything ourselves an especially the team players can be found on the courts whenever help is needed.

By the way we do not have a full- time caretaker like other clubs. So the team- players themselves have to maintain the courts durung the season as well as to get them ready to play in the spring.