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Our Representatives

Having devoted the last page to our courts I would like to say some things about our club and its "institutions" now. A club does not only consist of its teams and the courts. It' s appearance is also formed by the people who have taken the task of leadership upon themselves. They are partners for the members and organizers of events like the club championships or the annual beach party. The team- players are introduced in the section called portraits. That' s why I won' t write any more about them here.

The representatives were elected at the annual meeting on January 29, 2016 for 2 years.

Club Council
Chairman Dietmar Willems and Thomas Gärtner
FinanceSilke Mayer
ProtocolsGundula Gärtner
Sports (Seniors)Werner Berger
YouthRüdiger Wilder
Other TasksLeif Bernheine and Josef (Atze) Theis