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Prices and annual fees

Price per year Comment
Pupils, Students, people without income 30,00 EUR  
Children and Teens 30,00 EUR valid until the end of their apprentissage or studies
Adults 50,00 EUR  
Families 90,00 EUR Married and their children
Children not older than 1 years included included in the family fees

court / hour 2,50 EUR/ hour please ask for details
prime time: court/ hour 5,00 EUR/ hour Modalitäten bitte erfragen
Platzmiete für Spieler befreundeter Vereine 0,00 EUR/ hour  
fee for one court if a member participates 0,00 EUR/ hour Please look for the training time table
Hochwaldhalle Kell, Mehrzweckhalle Schillingen 0,00 EUR/ hour the indoor courts are located in halls mainly used for school sport
Training   please ask
Get the clubhome for one day (summer/ winter)

for parties

(for non- members)

80/ 100 EUR
Get the clubhome for one day (summer/ winter)

for parties


60/ 80 EUR