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Sports and Leisure activities

Sports and Leisure activities

There are several sports clubs at Schillingen. If you want to participate in some activities the best choice is, of course, our tennis club.


For 5-10DM (2.5-5 Euro)you can play on our courts. Don't forget to reserve one of our three courts by putting your name down on a list at our club house. If the courts happen to be free you can also play without a reservation. But please don't forget to water the courts when it's hot.


Next to the tennis courts there is a soccer field. You can use it if it's free, but don't forget to ask the permission of the soccer club first. If there's a match you are of course welcome to watch, but unlike at our club you have to pay an entrance fee.


There is a quite modern outdoor swimming pool right between Schillingen and Kell. If the weather is good you should give it a try. If you are staying at the local camping site you can use the swimming pool for free.


Spiridon Hochwald is the name of the local running club. You can choose from a number of different courses and meet local people. The Hochwaldbote, a weekly local journal, tells you when and where the runs take place.

The surroundings

In Kell am See there is the so-called Hochwald Ferien Park. You can rent a small holiday home or you can stay at the camping site near the outdoor swimming pool. At the centre of the Holiday park you'll find a lake where you can go for walks.

It's also possible to rent horses. Apart from that there is a number of restaurants, indoor squash and tennis courts and a sauna.