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How to use our stringing machine


It is necessary to fix the racket before starting to string. This has to be done carefully in order not to damage the racket when pulling the strings to the desired tension: The first colour image is the machine without racket. You can easily see the six mounting points.

The next task is to cut off about 11 to 12 meters of the string. If you are not shure how much you need, take 12 meters. This should be sufficiant for all common rackets.

About one third of the length is used for the length between the heart and the first node.

Stringing This racket has 6 holes in its heart. This means, that you have to start at the heart. If there are 8 holes, you have to start at the opposite double houle.

The holes where the nodes should fit are usually marked or they are just a bit wider than the normal ones.. As you see in the next picture, the tension can easily be adjusted by the black wheel. It is the displayed in bar which corresponds with the tension in kg.

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