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How to prepare the courts for the new season

It is always the same problem:

It is spring, you want to play tennis outside but the courts would benefit from your attention. The old clay has to be removed, new clay must be inserted, the lines must be rearranged...

There are three things missing: Time, helpers, money!

in consequence, we prepare the courts in a rather unusual way, which is rather cheap and fast. And you can do it with only four to five persons in two days!

The only secret is that you do not throuw dry clay onto the court but we clay or "mudd".

The more water you use, the better is the result. Or did you ever see holes in a lake? The water knows how to court should look like. If the sun is shining on the court, you can start to play in one week without any further work.

Although we have rather cold winters in Schilligen, this methods works without further action.